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How to Set Up Microsoft Outlook in Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101

June 8th, 2013

Here is tutorial to Set Up Outlook in Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 . The Android phone is a Google-based phone that runs on the Google operating system. Because its default email client is Gmail, the Android phone does not provide a simple method of connecting to your Outlook email. So please follow the tutorial to set them


1. Set your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 to accept email. Selecting the messaging icon on your phone to do that. A gmail account–an email account with Google–is required to use the email messaging function on the phone. If you do not already have a gmail account, you can register for one from your phone. This will synchronize your Android to Google and give you access to your gmail account from your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 phone.

2. Install Google Calendar on your computer to synchronize your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 with Outlook Calendar. Using your computer, sign in to your gmail account using the same gmail information you used to set up email messaging for your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 . Follow the prompts to install Google Calendar.

3. Synchronize calendars. Once Google Calendar is installed, you will be asked for your gmail account and password. At that time, you will be given synchronizing options. Choose two-way so that you can use either Google or Outlook Calendar and your appointments will appear in both calendars.

If you don’t have access to a computer, download an application to your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 phone. Synchronize Outlook to your Android from your phone by selecting the Android Market icon, and use the search feature to find an application that will synchronize your Android with Outlook. A variety of applications are available; some are free, and some involve one-time fee. Read the brief descriptions of what each application offers, and chose the one that is right for you.


1. Launch your Web browser and navigate to "" Click the "Android" link and click the "Sync Android With Outlook" link. Click the "14-Day Free Trial" CompanionLink download. Save the download to your desktop. Double-click the download to install it onto your computer.

2.Connect your Android phone to your computer by inserting one end of its USB cord into the computer’s USB port and the other end into the Android’s data port.

3 .Tap the Android’s "Market" icon to open its app store. Type "DejaOffice" into the "Search" field. Double-click the "DejaOffice" icon to install the app onto your phone. It is an office suite application that allows you to conveniently access your Outlook email client on your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 .

4. Double-click the "CompanionLink" icon to open the program. Wait for it to recognize your Android. Select what data you want to sync from Outlook, such as your contacts, emails, tasks and calendar. Choose how often you want to sync your data. Click "Sync." Your Outlook data will be synced with your Android and stored within your "DejaOffice" app.

But if you wanto to acces outlook but doesnt have activesync. Here is step How to Access Outlook Email on an Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 Phone Without the Use of Activesync.

If you’re using Outlook to access email that doesn’t use ActiveSync, you can also access that email through your Android phone by copying the email settings from your Outlook accounts into your Android email application


1.Open Outlook and click on the "File" tab. Click "Account Settings" and then click "Account Settings" again. Click "Change." You’ll see the account settings for your Outlook email.

2.Unlock your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 phone and open the application launcher. Find the "Email" icon and tap on it. Press the "Menu" button and then tap "Add Account."

3.Type in the user name and password from your Outlook email into your Acer Iconia Tab A701/ Iconia Tab A101 phone. Tap "Next" to allow the Android email wizard to automatically detect the account settings.

Facebook & Yahoo Messenger for Acer Iconia Tab A110/ A101

April 23rd, 2013

Update your Facebook & Yahoo Messenger for Acer Iconia Tab A110/ A101 Messenger now :


Here is 3 way how to get YM Messenger on your phone :

The Yahoo Messenger Android app is divided into 2 parts: IM app itself and the video add-on.It is necessary to install both apk’s located below. If you just install the video add-on with the current Yahoo messenger app, it won’t work.
Download Yahoo Messenger APK file :
Yahoo_im.apk (1.47 MB)
Yahoo_imvedio.apk (5.33 MB) How to install this apk file : Click Here

Download from Google Play or Android Market

Download by Scan QR Barcode


Here also 3 way to get your FB Messenger on your Acer Iconia Tab A110/ A101:

Download .apk file FB Messenger How to install this apk file : Click Here

Download from  Google Play or Market Android

Download directly by Scan QR Barcode

Instagram for Acer Iconia Tab A101

April 18th, 2013

Download here Instagram Application for Acer Iconia Tab A101. A beautiful way to share your world. Instagram has been around for what feels like forever, but it seems like just yesterday that the app migrated over to Android after being fast, free and fun! Download Instagram 1.1.8 .apk Android app now. This free software/ application is a beautiful way to share your world from your smartphone. Pick from one of several gorgeous filtered effects to breathe a new life into your mobile photos. Please upgrade OS with versions 2.2 and above that support OpenGL ES. so,

Here is the tutorial to get Instagram on your phone :

  • Download direct to your Acer Iconia Tab A101 device by scan this QR Code :
  • clip_image001
  • Download via google play/ market : Instragram form Android Market
  • Download from PC : INSTAGRAM FOR ANDROID

Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB Specification & Picture

March 7th, 2013

Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB using the  Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system (OS). Iconia A101  equipped with Nvidia Tegra 2 T20 processor Chipset Dual-Core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 ULP GeForce roccessor, plus the  8 GB up to 32 GB Storage Device capacity . Equipped use 1 GB RAM capacity that supported with 3G HSDPA connectivity up to 21 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76 Mbps, GPS , Bluetooth version 2.1, micro HDMI port and WiFi 802.11 b / g / n. 

This device Have 3G-manufacturer Acer output that comes in two color variants Cerry Red and Blue with glossy finishing, comes with a 7 inch screen size with extraordinary design  and stylish. In terms of design, the shape itself is different from the other  come with the box design. The touch curved at each corner provide discrete size of tablet PC 7-inch. Finishing matte Iconia Tab A101 3G is also quite susceptible to spotting hand and finger dust, although it is quite easy to clean . The weight of the Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB is also only a very light 470 grams instead.

Product Picture :

acer a101

In the Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB can also find  the Acer Day Planner that can help you to see the agenda, send an e-mail, view weather forecasts, read the news and immediately in one view. Acer Day Planner can also be directly synchronized with Google calendar, Facebook, and Microsoft Exchange. So if all the usual activities you do using a wide range of applications can now be done in one application that Acer Day Planner. In addition, at the Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB is still there standard applications such as Acer Iconia Tab Social Jogger,, Acer Sync and Acer Media.

Acer Iconia A101 Android Tablet-8GB 3G is also equipped with Rear Camera 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash and a 2 MP front camera. So for those of you whose hobby using the camera to capture a moment , this device is perfect for you, or maybe you are happy to perpetuate yourself with friends – friends through a photograph is guaranteed you will be very comfortable once using the Acer Iconia A101 Android Tablet-3G 8GB. Besides being large enough camera resolution and the size of the Android Tablet is also arguably not too large, the Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB has a size of 195 x 117 x 13.1 mm just so you will not inconvenience when using it. On the lower right side, there is a SIM card slot and microSD slot. Even comes with a simcard slot, but the Acer Iconia Tab A101 is not equipped with telephony features. This makes the inserted SIM card can only be used for surfing the Internet. While on the upper right side, there are volume buttons and a button to lock the screen position.

Acer Iconia A101 Android Tablet-3G 8GB is one of the advanced Android Tablet with Android tablet prices are cheap and affordable. The Price only about  USD $ 400 , you can bring home a stylish  and sophisticated Android Tablet. Acer Iconia A101-3G 8GB is very interesting is not this one, has a stylish design with powerful specs but still at a price that does not make you run out of the wallet.