Acer Ultrabook S3 Specs and Price

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Acer S3  have of the shape similar to the Apple Macbook Air..Acer S3 ultrabook  was first launched by Acer into the market, and is one type of ultrabook notebooks are packed with solid aluminum material so as to have a fairly light weight but has a pretty reasonably priced when compared with other ultrabook.

This ultrabook  is really reasonably priced in the market. This laptop is made of aluminum which slightly dense, and all materials on the bottom is make from plastic and aluminum that matches the color that very classic looking, but without leaving the impression of elegance. Please see this picture :

On the keyboard, Acer S3 has a chiclet-type keyboard made of plastic material, when you type the button will feel the sensation of soft and shape of the buttons are a little small. While on the touchpad is also made of a special plastic material with a slightly rough texture. Ultrabook that weighs approximately 1.37 kg has a touchpad that has a pretty good performance when used with the optimal response. So it looks that the acer himself has really worked hard to optimize the performance of this ultrabook.

Laptop screen 13-inch  comes with Intel Core i5 processor, with 4gb ram and 500GB hard drive capacity .  As for the performance of the battery is claimed to last for 7 hours for normal use and has a durability of up to 1000 times recharge or may be persist with estimates of up to 3.5 years. This Acer S3 Ultrabook   are release about Price:CDN$ 918.37 in amazon

Major problem that is hot temperature often experienced  if laptop have thin size , but its different from the output of this Acer.  This Acer Ultrabook S3 has a system that could be considered  at anticipating hot problems..


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