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Arabic Keyboard Font App for Acer CloudMobile S500

April 6th, 2013

Download here many software to get Arabic keyboard to typing on the Acer CloudMobile S500.

1. Yoolki Arabic Keyboard – Firefox Addon on Acer CloudMobile S500. Just open right click any text field and select "Write Arabic here" to write in Arabic using an English keyboard. The add-on can transliterate your English letters (ex: akala el waladou el touffA7ah to أَكَلَ الوَلَدُ التُفاحَة) or translate English to Arabic using Google translate. (ex: The boy ate the apple). Here this link :

Note : You must have software requirement for addon : Fire fox mobile

2. Download here Arabic Language Pack for AnySoftKeyboard Acer CloudMobile S500. Here this link :

3. Download Arabic soft Keyboard for Acer CloudMobile S500 Smartphone. Here this link :

4. Or find out more application from google play (android market) :