Get Free FB & Yahoo Messenger for Acer S100 Liquid A1 (Acer A1/ AT390

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The Video Quality on the front camera might actually be better than the rear camera due to optimization. It’s working great. Share and Enjoy your status update to your friends.  Free share Photos & Video, Chat with another friends and Stay online on Android & PC at the same time, receive messages only where you are active.

Update your Messenger now :


Here is 3 way how to get YM Messenger on your phone :

The Yahoo Messenger Android app is divided into 2 parts: IM app itself and the video add-on.It is necessary to install both apk’s located below. If you just install the video add-on with the current Yahoo messenger app, it won’t work.
Download Yahoo Messenger APK file :
Yahoo_im.apk (1.47 MB)
Yahoo_imvedio.apk (5.33 MB) How to install this apk file : Click Here

Download from Google Play or Android Market

Download by Scan QR Barcode


Here also 3 way to get your FB Messenger on your Acer S100 Liquid A1 (Acer A1/ AT390:

Download .apk file FB Messenger How to install this apk file : Click Here

Download from  Google Play or Market Android

Download directly by Scan QR Barcode


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