3G Module & Audio Driver of Acer Aspire One AO522 Win 7 32 Link to Download

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Here is download link of 3G Module & Audio Driver of Acer Aspire One AO522 Win 7 32 . Once you get to the point of downloading the proper drivers you will probably be asked by your netbook if you want to "save" the file to your Aspire One AO522 or "run" the program from the website. Either of these will work but I suggest saving them to your computer first and then running them from your computer. When you ask the program to save to your Aspire One AO522 if will ask where you want to save it to, for ease of use the desktop is the best place.
Once you have it downloaded you should make sure that all programs are closed, including your web browser (unless it’s open for these instructions.) and double click the installation file for the drivers.

for more complete driver for click here

It should provide what’s called an "installation wizard" read the instructions and follow them closely, if there are any configuration choices most people use "standard" or "common" setups. Very few of you will need any sort of specialized setup and those of you who do will most likely know how to get those configurations taken care of.


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